Friday 24 februari 2012 was the final day of the support action of the dutch “Groningen voor Afrika”-foundation. The support action was focussed around the release of the single “Lot ze vuilen woar kerst veur stoat” (freely translated as: Let them feel what Christmas is about).

Live radio show @ Haren FM

Sander en Merel in the radio studio of Haren FM.

In a live radio show on Haren FM, the impressive final amount was revealed. Sander de Haas and Merel Hoogmoed were invited to the studio of Haren FM, where Frank Vissering of the “Groningen voor Afrika”-foundation handed the cheque. The live radio show can be relistened (in dutch!) on, the show “JEM FM”, second hour (24 februari 2012).

SamSamWater would like to thank everyone who helped making this support action such a great success! We are honoured that the “Groningen voor Afrika”-foundation shows their appreciation of our water projects by supporting them in such a way!

Groningen voor Afrika foundation reveals the cheque of their support action 2011.

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