Geological information is often essential for many water and sanitation projects, but it’s often difficult to find detailed geological information and maps. Recently we received a large collection (over 300!) of scanned geological and topographic maps of Kenya. Most of them are old (from 1940’s to 1980’s), but still very useful.

We therefore made all these maps available on our website:
Geological maps of Kenya
Topographic maps of Kenya

The maps are very detailed and scanned at a high resolution.

If you own the rights to any of these maps and don’t want them to be published here, please contact us and we will remove them from this website.

If you have other maps (e.g. topographical, geological, hydrological) which you would like to make available to others, please contact us so we can help you to publish them.

Today Sander de Haas gave a presentation on Low-cost innovations for water and sanitation.

The presentation is in Dutch (but contains mainly pictures!) and can be viewed below:

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We received many e-mails with questions, requests for support and words of thanks. It’s great to see our work is appreciated!

We would like to wish everybody a happy and successful 2012!

Erik Nissen Petersen has written two new articles on sand storage dams and subsurface dams! The articles can be downloaded from the links below:

Sand dams or silt traps?

Subsurface dams built of soil


Erik is the author of several very practical manuals and publications focussing on water supply in arid lands (free downloads from: Highly recommended!