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SamSamWater makes information on water and sanitation easy to find and accessible for all. This page contains a database with practical information, data and (GIS)maps.

We believe information should be shared to make water and sanitation projects more successful. The information in the database is gathered from numerous sources, such as research institutes, companies, NGOs and government organisations.

Do you have information we can integrate into this database, or if you have comments or questions, please contact us!

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Smart Finance Solutions

NWP, NWP (2009)

This booklet on Smart Finance Solutions, like its equivalents on water and sanitation, gives examples of how different financial mechanisms are being used to finance water, sanitation projects and small local businesses that contribute to reaching MDG-7. The first chapter of this booklet describes different financing mechanisms being applied at household / community (micro-) and at intermediate institutional (meso-) level. It gives examples of how these mechanisms are being used to finance water and sanitation projects or small/ medium enterprises. It also provides the reader with some useful links for further reading. The second part of the booklet describes which business models can be used to obtain different financial mechanisms and gives an overview of how to write a successful business plan or project proposal. This booklet also includes a list of organisations that finance water and sanitation projects/ businesses. The booklet is designed as a source of inspiration, rather than a manual. It will however provide links to further, more in-depth information. (source)
Smart Finance Solutions

Water for Rural Communities

Erik Nissen-Petersen, Birgit Madsen, Munguti Katui-Katua, DANIDA (2006)

How Kenyan rural communities can create their own water supplies with assistance from the Water Services Trust Fund (source)
Water for Rural Communities