SamSamWater gives advice and participates in water and sanitation projects. This page gives an overview of the projects SamSamWater has been involved in.

We believe information and experience should be shared to make water and sanitation projects more successful. Therefore, we share all project information and reports and make them available to everyone.

If you have any questions regarding a project, or if you would like to know if we can advise in your project, please contact us!

Naga research: How local changes can have a global impact

Literature research on the scientific theories of how large scale water harvesting project can influence the regional climate.
Location: Kilimanjaro ecosystem, Kenya
Period: 2015

Watersupply for agriculture in Mude, Nepal

Technical assistance and exploration of watersources to improve water accessibility for irrigation purposes
Location: Mude, Solu Khumba District, Nepal
Period: 2014 - present

NIA water project

Reconnaissance visit to Olchoroibor spring catchment within project: NIA (Neighbours Initiative Alliance WASH) programme and Livelihood Initiatives in Maparasha Location, Kajiado.
Location: Olchorro Oibor, Maparasha Hills, Kajiado district, Kenya
Period: 2012 - present

SUSWA: Scale up of Sustainable Water Access

The main objective of the knowledge exchange missions is to increase the capacity of AMREF and other Kenyan WASH Alliance (KWA) members in their efforts to provide sustainable water access.
Location: Kajiado, Kenya
Period: 2012 - present

Water supply Wiggings Primary School, Kumi, Uganda

SamSamWater cooperates with the Foundation "Steunfonds Kyoga" to map the possibilities to access clean and safe drinking water at the Wiggings Primary School in Kumi, Uganda.
Location: Kumi, Uganda
Period: 2012 - 2014

Hydrological assessment of Chamcar Bei, Cambodia

Hydrological assessment to determine the availability of water throughout the year to. Only if this is known it will be possible to properly design a new irrigation system that would divide the water equally over the farmers.
Location: Chamcar Bei, Kep province, Cambodia
Period: 2012

Training, siting and construction of shallow wells in North-West Kenya

ADC African Divine Church Water Project, safe and sustainable water wells in 10 Western and West Pokot villages.
Location: Western Province, Kenya
Period: 2011 - present

Water supply of Mdawi village, Tanzania

Technical assistance of a project to improve the water supply of Mdawi village. Mdawi village is located on the highlands of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Location: Mdawi, Kimochi Ward, Moshi Rural District, Tanzania
Period: 2011 - 2012

Water management and rainwater harvesting Don Bosco

SamSamWater supervises two Dutch university students on their graduation project. The project includes developing a rainwater harvesting system for a local school and a watermanagement scheme for agricultural purposes.
Location: Lilongwe, Malawi
Period: 2011

Easier Water access for Banda Kyandazza Community

An assessment was done on the most appropriate techniques to realise a safe and sustainable rural water supply. Based on local conditions, a plan was made to construct a spring water intake with a piped distribution system.
Location: Banda, Uganda
Period: 2010 - present

Assesment of shallow groundwater storage and recovery

Technical and hydrological advise on the possibility to improve the water situation using rainwater harvesting and shallow groundwater solutions, such as sub-surface dams.
Location: Budunbuto, Puntland, Somalia
Period: 2010 - present

Water harvesting at Good Times Infants School Ngalamye, Uganda

SamSamWater cooperates with Better Life Initiative Project (BELIP) to provide a safe drinking water supply for the pupils of the Good Times Infants School Ngalamye and identify options to improve the water supply of the whole community.
Location: Ngalamye, Wakiso District, Uganda
Period: 2010 - 2012

Hydrological advice for Yeelmulwa dam

Hydrological research on the functioning of the Yeemulwa earth dam and possible to increase the amount of water available for the community.
Location: Yeemulwa, Kathonzweni District, Kenya
Period: 2010 - 2011

Hydrological geo-information collection and analysis

Online available geo-information on surface level and geology, as well as satellite imagery and topographical maps were acquired. This data was processed into maps suitable for further hydrological analysis.
Location: Mtwara, Tanzania
Period: 2010

Processing of elevation data for a tree planting project

Free available elevation data and additional information were collected and processes for a tree planting project in the Boulogo Reserve near Koupela in Burkina Faso.
Location: Boulogo Reserve , Burkina Faso
Period: 2010

Evaluation of the functioning of micro-dams and siting of new dams

An assessment was done on the functioning of existing micro-dams based on water availability and quality. Also, potential new building sites have been identified based on water demand, groundwater availability, topography and geology.
Location: Léo, Province of Sissili, Burkina Faso
Period: 2010

Catchment analysis in the Migina marshlands, southern Rwanda

Catchment analysis in the Migina marshlands, southern Rwanda, as part of a capacity building programme from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education at the National University of Rwanda.
Location: Migina marshlands, Rwanda
Period: 2009-2010

Geo-information data analysis on rivers and catchments

Free, online geo-information was acquired and processed as a first step in the hydrological analysis of rivers and catchment size for the Kajiado Shallow Wells Project.
Location: Kajiado district, Kenya
Period: 2009 - 2010

Hydrological advice for Chamavita water schemes

Technical and hydrological advise and measurements on the Lukozi and Kwamakame water schemes that Chamavita has constructed in the Usambara Mountains.
Location: Usambara Mountains, Lushoto, Tanzania
Period: 2007 - present

Water supply of Rundugai, Tanzania

Hydrological survey (2007) and design and construction (2009) of one large and five smaller rain water harvesting systems around Rundugai, Tanzania.
Location: Rundugai area, Tanzania
Period: 2007 - 2009

Improvement of Kwemakame Spring Water scheme by water harvesting and recharge

A pilot was realised where rain water (runoff water) was collected high in the mountains in the upper (Dindira) catchment of the spring water source. This runoff water is infiltrated (artificially recharged) in the underground, replenishing the groundwater storage that is feeding the spring. This concept of Retention, Recharge and Re-use (3R) of rain water to boost the spring yield proved to be feasible and effective. The dry season yield of the Water Scheme doubled.
Location: Kwemakame, Tanga Region, Lushoto district, Tanzania
Period: 2006 - present

Analysis of the functioning of sand storage dams in Kenya

Hydrological analysis on the functioning of Sand Storage Dams in Kenya and studies on the evaluation and dissemination of Sand Storage Dams in other (semi) arid areas.
Location: Kitui district, Kenya
Period: 2006 - 2009