SUSWA: Scale up of Sustainable Water Access

The ‘Scale up of Sustainable Water Access’ (SUSWA) project was conceived by WML, Aqua for All and AMREF in a mutual agreement to build on the WASHEC project’s heritage. It contributes to AMREF’s ambition of achieving sustainable water access to communities it works with.
Specifically, the SUSWA project intends to:
1) use momentum of previous projects and collaboration in providing water to communities in Kajiado County;
2) diversify water access strategies in order to sustain water availability;
3) scale up sustainable access to water by virtue of synergy with parallel Dutch WASH Alliance Programme;
4) tap into each others’ knowledge and expertise through continued knowledge exchange missions.

Project details

Project location:Kajiado, Kenya
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Project manager:Cock Mudde
External website:
Period:2012 - 2015

Project partners

Aqua for All
Aqua for All

Data for this project

SUSWA project website

Reports, presentations, maps and technical information on the Knowledge Exchange missions of the SUSWA project.
Date: 2012-01-01
Author: Sander de Haas